Distance Learning Guide –  Pedmore

Click on the document below for Pedmore’s Distance Learning Guide, Staff have created content below for year/department specific groups, Please click on the relevant links:

Distance Learning Guide – Pedmore

We recommend that pupils follow their normal school timetable to give structure and routine.

To find the appropriate work please click on the year group/subject below, There will also be work added onto More+ to access and this should be checked periodically.

Click here for general Year 7 to 10 information

Click here for general Year 11 information

To contact staff:
Use of email is the best way. Please click the email to the right of the staff name OR type in the address of the staff member you would like to contact by using their first name initial followed by their surname and @pedmorehighschool.uk. For example, Miss C Papadopoullos (Deputy Head) would be: cpapadopoullos@pedmorehighschool.uk.

Key staff:

Miss C Papadopoullos (Deputy Head): cpapadopoullos@pedmorehighschool.uk
Mr D. Scriven (Deputy Head): dscriven@pedmorehighschool.uk
Mrs H Brooks (Assistant Head and Head of Maths): hbrooks@pedmorehighschool.uk
Mrs R Tyson (Assistant Head and Head of English): rtyson@pedmorehighschool.uk
Mr A Fisher (Assistant Head I/C of Behaviour and Attitudes): afisher@pedmorehighschool.uk
Mr J Greenwood (Head of Year 11): jgreenwood@pedmorehighschool.uk
Mr J McGlade (Head of Year 9&10 and Head of PE): jmcglade@pedmorehighschool.uk
Mrs L Stanton (Head of Year 7&8): lstanton@pedmorehighschool.uk
Mr J Cable (Head of Science): jcable@pedmorehighschool.uk
Mrs D Tromans (Head of Arts): dtromans@pedmorehighschool.uk
Mrs K Hunter (Head of DT): khunter@pedmorehighschool.uk
Ms R Woods (Head of Humanities): rwoods@pedmorehighschool.uk
Mrs F Latif (I/C Languages): flatif@pedmorehighschool.uk
Mr D Willetts (Facilities Manager): dwilletts@pedmorehighschool.uk
Mrs J Clewes (Attendance Officer): jclewes@pedmorehighschool.uk
ICT support: support@invictus.education