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Goalball UK and Head Coach for Team GB visit PTC

Luqmaan and friends get coaching from UK team player and Head Coach of Goalball UK

We were all very excited about a VIP visit on Tuesday 7th February  - Faye Gale, Head Coach of the men's GB Paralympic Goalball Team and a team player Caleb Nanevie joined us to inspire our students to take up a new sport - Goalball.

Mrs Preston, assistant to our visually impaired Year 8 student Luqmann, organised the visit to introduce the sport into our school.  student with father, head coach and player of Great Britain Goalball teamThe pair met Luqmaan's parents and joined a PE Session of Luqmaans and his peers, inspiring able students to don blindfolds and join in the fun!   Faye said, "It's amazing to see a school that supports their visual impaired students so well and is passionate about ensuring all their students have a full opportunity to sporting activities.  It's so pleasing to see a whole school approach, with Luqmman's peers enjoying the fun in the Goalball session today at the same time as raising awareness of accessible sports for blind and visual impaired people".  For Stourbridge News coverage of our story click here For more about Goalball, click here 

player demonstrating goalball to students