Welcome to the Governors’ page of the school website.


The governing board has a wide range of responsibilities which include overseeing the strategic direction of the school and ensuring compliance with duties laid down by government and we try to operate in ways which meet these requirements.  Above all however we are determined to see that all pupils at the school have the opportunity to achieve at the highest levels in a supportive environment.  We aim to ensure that school is a challenging but safe place where all pupils can achieve their maximum potential.  We believe that the school must seek to provide a broad based education based on the highest standards of teaching and learning delivered in a framework founded on equality for all.


We welcome comments from parents and the local community, and governors can always be contacted via the school.

People serving on the governing board are shown below:

Mrs L Dunn

Staff Governor

Mr S Symonds

Mr M Woodhouse

Mr R Evans

Chair of governors

Mrs G Rhodes

Staff Governor

Mrs C Gaskin

Mrs A Adams

Mr G Lloyd


Miss A Danks

Mr I Reeson

Community Governor