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PTC students wowed by the eclipse in National Science Week

Students get the chance to view the eclipse safely

As part of our National Science Week activities our students had the opportunity to witness the today's eclipse, the best in years between 9:15-9:50am today.

Photo of the eclipse taken by our PGCE student teacher Mr Yarwood-Smith



The fine weather this morning meant that there was a really good view of the eclipse here in the Midlands and special solar viewing glasses were given to our students to see this rare phenoneum.  Mrs Ward, Science teacher who organised the viewing said,  "This was a really great opportunity in Science Week for so many of our students and staff to witness such a spectacular scientific event.  All students were instructed to view the eclipse through either their home made pinhole viewers or our special solar viewing glasses  The students were in awe of what they saw today and it will last in everyone's memory for years to come".