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GCSE Catering Students try out their Waiter skills at UCB

Getting to grips with food service

Our Year 10 GCSE students took the opportunity to try out the role of Waiter in the UCB restaurant recently.  Here's student Morgan Parry's review of the experience:

On 5th June my Catering Class had the opportunity to participate in a UCB taster day where we delivered food to members of the public.  We worked alongside the students from the college and learnt how to work in a restaurant.  Throughout the day we had over 60 people to serve, our roles pushed us to our limits and showed us a side to ourselves that we didn’t know we had!  The students guided us in our allocated jobs and helped us perform to our full potential.  During the trip we learnt about the management of a restaurant and how important teamwork is in a work environment.  My class and I really enjoyed the trip and would go to the restaurant again to help with different jobs to further our knowledge.

Our jobs consisted of serving the food to the customers, runners, wine waiter, someone to take people’s coats and, make them feel welcome to the restaurant and someone to take drink orders.  I passed the food from the kitchen to the different stations so it could be carried to the customers. This job was tiring and difficult but gave us the experience to help cater for a big party.  I found the job really hard as I was on my feet for a long period of time, and I didn’t realise how heavy the trays were!

In the restaurant the staff were strict but friendly and helped us all day.  They made us feel welcome.  If we did this again it would be good if we could try different roles in the restaurant as this would give us a different perspective on how a restaurant works.