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Year 7's cook up a breakfast treat!

A morning treat as Year 7 learn how to cook a healthy breakfast 

Year 7 had a healthy morning treat as they learnt how to cook a breakfast.  All ingredients were grilled or poached and boiled to demonstrate that a "Full English" can become a more healthy occasional treat when you consider portion size and cooking methods.Group of students eating breakfast  boy cookingImportant cooking skills such as preparation and timing is also key to a a successful meal and juggling the cooking of ingredients for the breakfasts was a good example of using these skills.  Mrs Condlyffe, Food Technology teacher said, "We have had a very busy but enjoyable morning and the students have been so successful creating their delicious breakfasts.  Many had never tried poached eggs and have  become converts to this healthy snack.  We were really impressed with the effort shown by everyone and it paid off as they tucked in to their creations!"