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Focus on the Week  - Punctuality and Fairtrade

Understanding why it's important to be on time

Our Focus of the Week (FOTW) this week is Punctuality. All students that arrive after 8:40am will be greeted by a member of Senoir Leadership and will be required to complete a break time detention in A6.

Those students that fail the break detention will automatically be placed into a lunch detention. All students will be made aware of this new procedure.

PTC will also be supporting Fairtrade Fortnight 2016 with our FOTW.  Two videos will be watched in tutor time to will help the tutor groups have a better understanding of Fairtrade. The videos will also help students recognise their part in helping with Fairtrade. 

There is a Fairtrade quiz for all tutor groups to complete with the winning group being rewarded with 'queue jump passes for the canteen'. Tutors can collect the quiz sheet after staff briefing Monday from the staffroom. All quiz entries must be taken down to A1 no later than Thursday 3:00pm. The winning form will receive 'jump the queue passes' Friday tutor time.