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Hay We Go!

Book club have a great day at the Hay 2016! Read the full story

PTC’s Book Club enjoyed a fabulous day at the Hay Festival in Powys on Friday, 27th May, meeting amazing writers from a range of different fields.

From the wide array of events available, students chose to see: the writer and adventurer Matt Dickinson  who talked about his amazing experiences when climbing Everest, the prize winning writer Frances Hardinge  who shared her top tips for budding writers, and the science and rap loving Mark Brake  and Jon Chase who argued that the technology of the Star Wars films is all around us today!

author Francis Hardinge atHay 2016
Farncis Hardinge
author Matt Dickinson at Hay 2016
Matt Dickinson


There were lots of opportunities to meet the authors and many students were lucky enough to have their books signed.

author Jon Chase at Hay 2016
Jon Chase

A wonderful day which has provoked lots of reading - and maybe even inspired some Hay writers of the future!

Mark Brake at Hay 2016
Mark Brake