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Students compete at the Youth Speaks Competition

Six PTC Students battle it out at the Rotary Club Youth Speaks competition

On Thursday 26th January six PTC students competed in the Rotary Club Youth Speaks competition at Hagley Catholic High school. Miss Rhodes explains the competition, “There is an intermediate and senior competition”.

“The intermediate team range from 11-13 years of age and there are three in a group for both intermediate and senior. The three students have to have an assigned role as either a speaker, a chairperson, and proposer of vote of thanks. The two teams write their own speeches on a topic of their choice. There are rules that the competitors need to abide by; a time limit for each speaker and they get marked on criteria by three judges.  The intermediate team were up against Haley, Redhill and Haybridge. Their speech was on ‘Social Media: Friend or Foe.’”.

“The senior team 14-17 years old were up against two teams from Kind Edwards VI College, Redhill and Hagley. The objectives of the competition are to allow students to experience speaking on a public platform as members of a team, discipline of dealing with a topic in a limited time, opportunity of practising high standards of expression, presentation and experience.”Senior team at Youth Speak Competiton

“Both teams researched their speeches and had valid, thought-provoking points. They expressed themselves eloquently and with passion”.

Student Intermediate Team (year 9)

Charlotte - Chairperson

Ethan  Speaker

Willow - proposer of vote of thanks

Student Senior Team (year 10)

Amy - Chairperson

Jordana - Speaker

Iman- Proposer of vote of thanks