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PTC prom 2017 - a fabulous celebration

The 2017 prom  - hosted at PTC!

A fabulous evening for our Year 11 students and PTC staff took place at the "prom refurbished" hall at PTC on June 28th this year.  Students arrrived in a wide variety of vehicles including an ice cream van, supercars and a campervan!


studetn with sports carice cream van and student















studetns by a campervanThe school hall looked amazing (thanks to Mrs Tromans and her team) and complemented our students fabulous outfits.  With mocktails, and a popcorn machine to greet guests on arrival, it felt like a very special night.


school hall for prom





welcome table

The band played and the music flowedband





Here's just some of our fabulous students

couple 3


student group 2



group of students

girl students 3












boy students

students prom pic1