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Attendance – Excellent attendance is essential to help every student to fulfil their full potential.  Our aim is for students by the end of the school year to have an individual attendance percentage of at least 95%.  Therefore, we only anticipate students to be absent from school if they are extremely unwell. 

If the attendance of a student starts to drop then an Attendance Clinic will be arranged with the Attendance Officer.  Following an Attendance Clinic letters may be sent home requesting meetings . In extreme circumstances Education Investigation Services will become involved and court proceedings may commence.
The reason for absence must be reported to the Attendance Officer by 9.00am on each day that a students is absent.  This should be done by dialling 01384 816660 and choosing option 1 for the Attendance Line.  Please note that for illness absences exceeding 4 days then medical evidence is required in order for the Attendance Officer to authorise the absence.
If a student is not in school and is seen by the Truancy Police in a public place then parents/carers could receive an on the spot fine of £80.00.  This rule also applies when students have been excluded from school, therefore if they are not in school they should remain at home.
  • Punctuality – always be on time.  All students are expected to be in their form rooms by 8.30am ready for registration (8.40am on Wednesday).  If a student is late for school they must sign in with the Attendance Officer to get their mark.  It is each student’s responsibility to get their own mark.  Pedmore Technology College and Community School uses a system called Groupcall which sends a text message to the main contact mobile number in the event of any absence requesting an explanation.
If poor punctuality becomes persistent their Head of House will meet students to discuss the issue.  They may also write to parents to inform them of the problem or call parents in for a meeting in the event of severe punctuality issues.
  • Medical appointments – Where possible please make medical appointments out of school hours.  We do understand that on occasions hospital appointment times cannot be chosen, but students are expected to be in school before and after the appointment time.  Students should bring proof of the appointment prior to attending the appointment for our records.
  • Holidays – If students are taken out of school for an unauthorised holiday parents/carers could face a penalty notice of £60 per parent, per child.    We are advised by the Local Authority that Headteacher’s may only grant any leave of absence during term time in exceptional circumstances.  We require an Absence Form to be completed for all requests for holiday, however we advise that the forms are for our records.  If a term time holiday is taken it may lead to a referral to Education Investigation Services which may have legal consequences.