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Stereotypes: Why are they important?

By Willow, Ethan, Jodie, Hana, Savera and Hallie

Stereotypes. All know them, some are them and a few challenge them. The influence of stereotypes is increasing with the overgrowing popularity of social media platforms such as: Twitter, Tumblr or even Instagram.

But what happens when stereotypes stop being harmless?

Let’s look at the recent crisis in Syria. We spoke with refugee camp volunteer Jen, who has been rehoming those in need since August. Jen showed us a self-made short film about her work in Calais, France. One particular camp had 35000 refugees, but only 15000 meals to go around each day. Fights breaking out in dinner queues and people fleeing from horrifying torture are desperately in need of medical care.

“According to me and what I know of Donald Trump, I don’t think that he has the right to judge anyone the way he does. His views are not only affecting him but also to the public listening. By stereotyping people, we are basically putting them in a position which makes others want to hate them too.Speaking of refugees, Donald trump isn’t helping. Here’s what Jen had to say on the matter.

So who is this aforementioned Donald Trump? Trump is a presidential candidate of the Republican Party and has many controversial views. One of his views is his distaste for immigrants- particularly Muslims. Trump often uses hate speech and negative stereotypes to pump up his followers- most of which are from the southernmost states.

Speaking of tyranny, many people online have been comparing Donald Trump to one of the most abhorrent figures in human history- Adolf Hitler. Let’s compare:

Donald Trump says he will “Make America great again?” Doesn’t that sound familiar?

Donald trump segregates and hates on a certain group of people.


Should the UK leave the EU?

Leaving the EU will cause a higher risk to businesses. 

By Katie and Haider 

A very important vote will be held as early as June 2017. This event will be based on whether Britain should stay in Europe or not? David, who is a business owner, told us that 'The only reason the vote has been called about is because David Cameron had been panicked by the rise of U.K.I.P

As the vote outcome could effects Britain (if the result was to be revealed that we leave Europe) it will also affect smaller towns like Stourbridge who rely on Britain's supplies. We have spoken to a business owner who runs a local business in Stourbridge. We asked him whether leaving Europe could affect his business. His response was, “possibly because most of my business' are conducted through large multinational platforms such as Apple, Amazon and Google”..'


                                  A chart to show the amount of people who want to leave the EU?                                            

Many people believe we are taking risks because there is no guarantee that free trade between The United Kingdom and Europe will continue as usual.

Also we asked for David's opinion on whether he thinks leaving Europe will affect future business owners. He told us that 'It will give a great deal of uncertainty and may affect people's willingness to invest or employ other people.


“Easy Win” Says Trumps

By Haider, Logan and Zulqarnain

Everyone knows Donald Trump. He is a politician who had been nominated for president and he thinks he is winning.

He said “I can win easily”. Looking at the results, he may be right. Some people want him to win but some people are totally against him winning because he is famously known for making America fear Muslims. So if he is elected for president then Muslims would probably not be allowed in the country. He might be able to win because he had the White house nomination after the victories in Mississippi, Michigan and Hawaii. In Mississippi he won over 47 per cent of the vote and 36 per cent of the vote in Michigan. In the republican-only competition of Hawaii and Idaho, he won in Hawaii and came first but he came second in Idaho because he lost to Ted Cruz (a Texas governor) who got 45 per cent.

On Tuesday, Trump will take part in an important contest where Ohio, Florida, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina will vote for whoever they want.    

Should we have a monarchy?

By Aran and Luke 

The question should we have a monarchy is a big question that has been asked frequently. We have collected opinions from many different people in our school and this is how the results showed.

With the question: do you think we need a monarchy? 20 out of 27 people we asked said yes and the rest said no. some of the reasons for this was that they are good role models and they make us look better than other countries.

With the question: do you think the monarchy helps the country? 18 out of 27 said yes and 9 said no. some said that they do not help as they take too much tax from us and cost too much to keep but some said that they help tourism in the country and make other countries jealous of us.

When the main question: do you think the queen should express her views to the public and why? 9 out of 15 said yes and 6 said no. the reasons for this is that she can be very influential and an amazing role model. Also she is very cool and people can get to know her better. On the other hand she shouldn’t express it because people might get effected and persuaded by the decision.