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ਪਰਫਾਰਮਿੰਗ ਆਰਟਸ


The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a life-changing adventure which will help you develop the skills you need for your future. Completing your DofE Award gives you the chance to discover just how much you’re capable of and try out new things as well as meet new people.

Here at Pedmore we offer DofE at Bronze and Silver. Bronze is offered from year 9 and Silver from year 10.

Both levels require students to complete three sections: Skills, Volunteering and Physical. Students are free to make their award their own and are encouraged to do something new for their sections. At Bronze, students will complete two sections for three months and one section for six months. When students move up to Silver this changes to two sections for six months and one for three months. At both levels we run expeditions, which is by far the most exciting part of the award. At Bronze we complete a practice and qualifying expedition in the area local to school, which features two days of walking with camping overnight. At Silver, students complete a practice and qualifying expedition, each one being three days walking and two nights camping over in Shropshire. Students attend regular training sessions with dedicated DofE staff.

Schedule for Duke of Edinburgh 2023

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