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At Pedmore High School delicious hot meals are cooked on site by Shires Catering, at morning break and lunch time the school canteen provides a wide variety of food which is freshly prepared here on site.  The catering staff are passionate about providing wholesome, fresh, locally sourced food that is nutritionally balanced.  We offer students a variety of choices.  

At lunch we offer a three-week rolling menu that is updated seasonally and we also offer specials throughout the school year to celebrate significant events and celebrations.  There are also options including Grab & Go options that sells a selection of street food, burgers, wraps, panini and pasta pots

Allergen Awareness


Shire Catering make a commitment to provide a meal for any child with a registered allergy or intolerance and up to date information on allergens for any of our hot options and all of our pre-packed foods are individually labelled with allergen information so that students are aware of their choices. If you would like to discuss our provision in line with any dietary requirements your child may have please contact the school office and we can arrange for the Kitchen manager to contact you to discuss.




Your child has been issued with an ID Card that has their name and photo on it.  This card can be used at the school’s tills to purchase food at breakfast, break and lunch times.  You will be able to top up your child’s card using your INSPIRE account and clicking on the cafeteria tab on the left-hand side.   


There are two options to top up your child’s card:

  • By bank card with an amount of your choice.

  • By setting up a Direct Debit of £15.00. The system will automatically top up when your child’s balance falls below £5.00.  If you select this option you can also set a low balance alert so you know when money will be taken from your bank.


The first time you top up your child’s account we suggest that you set a daily limit. This can be changed at any time.


Free School Meal students will automatically get a daily allowance of £2.53. Parents can also add money to FSM students’ cards to enable them to purchase additional meals or drinks in school. The system will automatically use the FSM allocation element first each day.


For any information regarding applying for free school meals, click the button below.

Should you require any further information regarding the cashless catering system please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Head of Year.

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