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Course Content Years 10 & 11 – Key Stage 4


At Pedmore we are pleased to be able to offer a wide range of Key Stage 4 courses and are confident that students can choose a range of courses where they are most able to succeed.


We feel that students should follow a curriculum which suits their preferred way of working, interests and future aspirations. If you would like details about any of our Key Stage 4 courses,


Students will be able to make their option choices during our ‘Options Process' in Year 9 and will be advised as to their suitability for the Ebacc route. As much as possible, we allow students to follow their preferred pathway. However, we are keen that all of our students succeed and so your son/daughter’s teacher[s] will be consulted. Their professional judgement and experience will help us make sure that the most suitable pathway has been selected.


The current Core Key Stage 4 curriculum at Pedmore:

All students will study English, English Literature, Mathematics, Double Science and PE. RE will be delivered through whole-school PSHE. Our most-able scientists will study separate sciences as part of their core curriculum. 


An overview of the current KS4 curriculum  additional offer:


French, Urdu Computer Science, Geography, History,  Sociology, Art and Design, Enterprise &Marketing, BTEC Sport,  RE, Food, Preparation & Nutrition, Photography, Creative iMedia, Vocational Engineering, Vocational Child Development, Functional Skills and as of Sept 2021- BTEC Travel & Tourism  and GCSE Psychology 


Key Stage 4 - Course Content

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