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Broadening horizons beyond the realm of the classroom is an essential part of nurturing development and growth in young people. At Pedmore High School we encourage a students to become active members of their community. An example of this is that each year group is attached to a charity, students then organise various charity events throughout the year to support their nominated charity. We also hold an annual Christmas card competition, the winning designs are printed and student leaders from across the school to deliver the cards to our friends and neighbours in the community.


Encouraging Leadership

Student leadership plays a significant role in the life of the school and students are encouraged to take an active part in shaping the future of the school. Student leadership is embraced across all year groups with over 150 students in leadership positions, we pride ourselves on the opportunities available to students to develop their skills as leaders.


Outstanding Learning Experiences

We recognise that learning extends beyond the classroom and have established a strong tradition for providing excellence in our extended curriculum. Providing all of our students with a wide and varied menu of enrichment activities and trips both in the UK and abroad. We truly believe that a crucial element of raising our students aspirations is to show them the world, in the past 5 years alone we have taken our students to some magnificent places, New York, Iceland, Paris, Cologne, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Austria, Belgium, Egypt, Israel…..hopefully you get the picture! These visits compliment a comprehensive list of educational visits within the UK, we are also a member of the National Trust and benefit from all year around access to some of the most beautiful sites our wonderful country has to offer


An extensive range of extra-curricular activities are available to all students and provide lots of opportunities for students to develop their interests. After school clubs take place on a weekly basis in almost all subject areas. In addition, there are also competitive sport fixtures, music and drama showcase evenings and productions.


Excellent Facilities

Learning is enhanced through our fantastic facilities including The HUB, music studios, drama studio IT suites and unrivalled sports facilities. Our sports provision makes full use of a fully equipped sports centre, gymnasium, swimming pool, 4G pitches, Multi Use Games Area and sports field. We have also recently invested heavily in our dining facility, providing a perfect environment for students to dine and relax in. Our school performances take place in the main school hall, a state of the art, tiered retractable seating system means our audiences get an incredible experience. The main hall is also fully equipped with a ligh and sound booth ensuring we have the technology to match our students talents.

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