Joining Pedmore


We work hard to ensure a smooth transition from primary school. This includes visits to every primary school by a member of our senior leadership team as well as an Induction Day in July when children meet up with others in their form group, meet their new form tutor and experience some taster lessons.


During Year 5 and Year 6 many children will already have visited Pedmore for taster lessons, use of the swimming pool and other special events. Children hear more about their new school and ask any questions they have during these visits. They get to meet “Buddies” who are attached to their form group to support them during the first few days and weeks at Pedmore. We talk to Year 6 teachers to get as much information as possible to help us place the children into well balanced form groups which give every child the opportunity to make new friends and have a fresh start in a new and different environment.


Induction Evening, held on the night before Induction Day, gives parents and children the opportunity to meet our Headteacher, Mr G Lloyd, senior staff, their Head of Year and most importantly their form tutor. During this evening further information is provided about the new term and any last minute worries and concerns can be addressed.

The experience of moving from primary to secondary school is unique for each child but whether your child joins us knowing others from primary school, or comes to us on their own, within a week or so most will have become settled and confident, allowing them to make the most of the opportunities we have to offer.


The transition from primary school is a major event in the life of any child and it is only natural that they will experience a mixture of emotions. Sometimes parents can feel these emotions more acutely than their children but with staff, Buddies and Ambassadors on hand ready to help, we feel that whatever the difficulty we have someone ready and willing to help establish a secure foundation for your child’s future happiness, security and achievements.

You have until the end of October to complete your application, links to the relevant local authority portals can be found below!


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