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Our Vision, Value & Ethos

Pedmore Vision, Value & Ethos


1. Constantly raise every student’s achievements by providing a positive learning environment which develops an enquiring mind and a love of learning.


2. Provide an inspiring and structured curriculum which personalises every student’s learning needs.


3. Support our students to develop individual and social responsibility, as well as moral purpose, and to actively participate in local, national and international community issues with confidence.


4. Provide equal opportunities for each student through a personalised and targeted learning programme.


5. Develop positive links with parents and our local community.


6. Create an atmosphere of trust and safety, within a calm and purposeful environment, in which everyone can learn.


7. Implement clear and consistent expectations for behaviour and learning.


8. Encourage staff to be collectively ambitious for Pedmore and to fulfil their roles effectively through continuous professional development.


Our core purpose is to provide high-quality learning opportunities in a happy and secure environment, in order to offer ambitious life opportunities for our students. Hence, learning is at the heart of everything we do. We recognize that everyone is different, with different learning styles, gifts and talents. We seek to recognise these in our planning of the curriculum, lessons and extra-curricular activities. We want our students to leave Pedmore with the best possible academic qualifications and a love of learning that will remain with them for life.

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"Our communities will have access to an outstanding education.


Our schools and 6th form cater for the social, economic and cultural diversity that our country is comprised of and deliver opportunities and experiences that celebrate that diversity.


We are to be locally based, but nationally important."


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