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The English department suite of classrooms runs all the way along the lower A-block corridor, with Mrs Simpson’s classroom in A7 at the lower end of the left, leading up to our ILC (Independent Learning Centre). More classrooms are situated to the right; Mrs Tyson’s classroom - A6, followed by Miss Rhodes in A5, Mrs Jones in A4, Mr Davies in A3 and Miss Thompson in A2. 


You will see lots of colourful displays along the English corridor, celebrating achievement and promoting the key skills to success in this subject area; reading for pleasure, writing for different purposes, critical language analysis and oracy. Inside each classroom you will find further engaging displays to encourage confidence, independence and articulacy, supporting you to master these skills and achieve highly.


We look forward to working with you on your journey.

360 Tour

Click on the centre of the image for a 360 tour of our English department.

Activities & Resources

Click on the links below for a taster of the kind of tasks to expect as a student at our school.

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