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    • Telephone number: 0121 550 1237

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    • Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm

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Uniform Policy 

  • Knee-length, black skirt, (plain –no pattern, slits or trimming) or standard school black trousers, loose fitting, plain material, no decorative buttons or zips, no leggings or ski pants.

  • Traditional pattern Muslim dress in black may be worn if appropriate, over the blue school shirt and tie. Head scarves must be plain material and black.

  • Plain pale blue school shirt with collar.

  • Black blazer with Pedmore High School pocket badge.

  • Pedmore school tie.

  • Black or white socks (can be long or short) or black/natural shade plain tights.

  • Plain black leather/faux leather low heel shoes. No trainer style shoes, no canvas shoes or boots. Pumps and trainers are not acceptable. Boots of any length cannot be worn with skirts.

  • Black V-necked jumper with pale blue stripes (no other jumper allowed).


PE Kit (Boys & Girls)


Essential Equipment

  • All items brought into school should be clearly marked with the student's name. Students should be responsible, and look after their own belongings. The school can take no responsibility for any student's property which is lost, although efforts are always made to return articles which can be identified.

Students need to provide themselves with: -

  • Black and blue biro (if possible, a green and purple biro too).

  • Pencils and sharpener

  • Rubbers

  • Rulers

  • Scientific calculator

  • Pencil case

  • A suitable bag for carrying books and equipment which allows books to be kept flat and dry, and in good condition. Fashion handbags are not acceptable

Important Reminders


Shoes-  Only black leather practical shoes are permitted. They must be all black.




Hair – should not be extreme in colour (anything that is not a natural hair colour) and blocks of two different colours are not allowed. Hair must not include tramlines or obvious contrasts between shaved and longer hair.









Jewellery- The following items are acceptable:

  • Small studs or sleepers – one in each ear

  • One signet ring or similar

  • One Watch.

  • No nose studs









Coats and Hoodies- Not allowed on in the building. Remove before entering school site. Blazers worn all times unless stated


Make Up/Nails- False nails of any description must not be worn, students wearing false nails will be asked to remove them immediately. Make up must be discreet.



Trousers- Must be plain black and formal in style. No leggings, denim-type or figure hugging trousers are permitted.


Skirts- Must be plain black and no shorter than one closed hand span above the knee. No elasticated or jersey material is permitted.


Ties- Must always be worn