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Year 10 students


The careers programme is delivered  in tutor time but there is also be additional opportunities through the  discrete  PSHE lesson on Wednesday mornings, through subject lessons and, with Covid restrictions permitted, external visits/external guest speakers. The particular focus for Year 10 students is matching their interests and personality to different career choices. Information is key and knowing the possible options available are important. Under normal circumstances, students will have abundant opportunities to work face to face with local employers, considering a wide range of career pathways taken by local companies, parents, teachers and ex-students.  However, owing to Covid these opportunities have been virtual. This will include;

  • Taster/College days

  • Work Experience

  • Employer in school events

  • Apprenticeship events

  • Subject specific employment events

  • FE/HE in school events in PSHE days and in curriculum

  • Development of their CVs

One of the main aims of Year 10 is for each student to have the opportunity for Work Experience Again, due to the pandemic this was a combination of face to face and virtual through the company Speakers for Schools who have access to 1,000s of placements. In addition, Pedmore are fortunate enough to have secured 47 places with Wilmott-Dixon Construction Company.

Information is key and knowing the possible options available are important.  

Plan for Year 10 2022

Work Experience dates for 2023 have been set as the week beginning Monday 8th May 2023.  If you have any questions please contact the Work Experience Co-ordinator Mrs Guidotti on:


Year 10 Careers

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