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Aberdovey Trip: Monday

After an early 7:30am set off pupils were in good spirits especially after a stop off at Greggs and Starbucks. We arrived in super speedy time, so pupils had an hour to chill out in the games room and eat lunch. Pupils moved into their rooms after lunch, and some learnt the new skill of making beds.

We then travelled to the beach for a jog and a dip. Pupils linked arms and in teams went into the cold sea and dipped in to below their shoulders with the majority being brave enough to go completely under. One team even learnt and sang sea shanties. After fun splashing in the sea, it was a quick shower and change before tea.

Outward bound certainly like to feed the pupils well and after a dinner that consisted of mains, sides, pudding and second and third helpings for some it was time for evening activities.

2 groups packed bags ready for Tuesdays expedition getting ready to camp in tents in Snowdonia national park. The other 2 teams went out for night adventures. 1 team was learning teamwork scaling a 3-meter-high wall as a group and the other did a completely dark gorge walk. Scaling a stream in the dark. The screams and squeals could be heard across the valleys.

Tuesday all groups are going off grid climbing the mountains and either staying in tents or a log cabin so it will be a 2 day wait for the next update. The pupils will be changed people come Wednesday having spent over 24 hours without their phones.

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