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Aberdovey Trip: Thursday


Today it was an early start ready for our day of water adventures. All groups were taking part in an exciting gorge walk where all students went straight into the mountain rivers. Students were given expert advice of how to tackle the gorge terrain. Then it was down to our students to lead the way making sure everybody safely made their way down the gorge. This included climbing over fallen trees and sliding down waterfalls. Students were amazing at using all their leadership skills developed throughout the week to be pro gorge walkers. The reward at the end was sliding down the final waterfall at high speed into the pool below and celebrating with each other their amazing achievements.

There was no time to rest though as students were transported to Aberdovey beach for more water adventures. Two groups took part in the Jetty Jump where students had to bravely jump 10ft into the sea and swim back to shore. The remaining groups were taken out on the speed boat, racing to 5 knots, and riding the waves. This was topped off with a jump off the side into the sea and swim to shore. All this hard work was rewarded with an Aberdovey ice cream on the beach.

After dinner, all students had the amazing opportunity to spend time and reflect with their activity groups and instructors building the Outward Bound campfire. Students sang, told stories and melting marshmallows to make Smores.

Finally, after hot chocolate, students have packed away ready for a good night's sleep to enjoy the last half a day of fun tomorrow.

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