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Consultation on Invictus Education Trust Admission Arrangements 2024/25

All Invictus Education Trust schools are consulting on proposed changes to their admission arrangements for entry in 2024/25. The schools affected are:

- The Crestwood School

- Ellowes Hall Sports College

- Kinver High School

- Leasowes High School

- Pedmore High School

- Rufford Primary School and Nursery

- Wombourne High School

There is one proposed change to the oversubscription criteria for every school to include criteria for children of school staff. The proposed change is in line with the mandatory requirements of the Admissions Code 2021 which is statutory guidance. For ease of reference, the change is highlighted in yellow in the proposed arrangements which can be viewed below:

Responses to the proposed changes are being sought from parents and carers of current pupils, parents of any children aged between 2 and 18, any people in the local area who might have an interest in the proposed admissions and all other admission authorities within the school's local authority.

Your feedback can be provided here. The consultation period will run for seven weeks from 09:00 on Monday 12 December 2022 until 09:00 on Monday 30 January 2023.

If you have any questions please contact Emma Myers - Head of Governance and Compliance by email

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