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Phased Return to School

Good Evening all,

As you will be no doubt be aware we are planning the return of all students to Pedmore High School from the 8th March. Please find attached a letter from Mr Lloyd (Headteacher) with further details.

In order to support the reopening of schools, the government has produced very detailed guidance regarding the ‘system controls’ that schools should ensure are in place to minimise the risk of transmission of coronavirus. Among new temporary measures, the latest guidance stipulates that schools should create capacity to administer Asymptomatic Lateral Flow Testing which will support the return to face-to-face education by helping to identify pupils who are infectious but do not have any coronavirus symptoms. We are working to keep Pedmore High School as safe as possible. Lateral Flow Tests will help staff and students to remain in school safely.

From the 4th of March all pupils will receive 3 tests. The first of which will be either Thursday 4th March or Friday 5th March and will take no more than 20 minutes. We will notify you via text when your child will need to come into Pedmore. Once they have done their test they will be free to go home to resume their online learning. Please complete the survey using the link below to either give or not give your consent for your child to be tested:

To help us co-ordinate the re-opening of school it is vital you complete this form before the Thursday 4th March 2021.

Should you have any questions please email me back on

Many thanks for your ongoing support and patience.

Miss Papadopoullos

Parent letter re 8th March reopening and
Download • 550KB

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