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Soroptimists of Stourbridge Supporting Pedmore High School

The wonderful Soroptimists of Stourbridge came to visit us again last week with yet another donation for our students. Linda Sanders, President, presented Mr Lloyd and our students with 7 laptops to be used to support our students. An incredible gesture that we are extremely grateful for.

The generosity didn't stop there, we were also presented with 5 'Toilet Twinning' plaques to be displayed at school. The team at SI Stourbridge have worked extremely hard in recent years which resulted in Stourbridge being recently award the status of 'Toilet Twinning Town'.

Outgoing president Rachel Tennant explained: “I am delighted that at long last we have become a TTT. Many of our members have been involved in making this happen. Stourbridge Soroptimists have twinned their toilets and taps in partnership with Stourbridge Rotary, Khatri’s Nepalese Restaurant of Amblecote, St. Mary’s Church of Oldswinford, Mary Stevens Hospice, and the Labour Club of Stourbridge. Soroptimists of Midland Arden Region also helped this project come to fruition."

President Elect, Linda, added: "In total , over a few years monies for the building of over 60 toilets have been has been raised and this has been recognised but the recently awarded TTT award.
The 60 include 11 school blocks of toilets, each one has a framed photo with location & your head has agreed that the 11 be displayed , hence twinned, with the toilets in the school. Locations are Pakistan, Bangladesh, Zambia, Uganda & Malawi and each has led to increased school attendance, especially by girls, as no longer do they have to find somewhere to go in the open"

This project will help raise awareness of the problems that poverty causes people around the world, with 1 in 4 people not having access to a toilet. Mr Lloyd and our students are very happy to support!

For more information about Toilet Twinning, go to

Toilet Twinning enables families living in poverty to have life-saving loos. Twin your toilet and help flush away the world’s toilet troubles.

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